lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2013

You sure did rock us !

The Knitting Hags have been out and about once again. Wreaking havoc as usual.  
We started our day at a crafts fair called Silmä, Pisto, Tikki, Takki. And instead of the Rise of the Pastels, I managed to find something pretty to add to my stash. 
LanitiumexMachina Luksussukka
After the fair we spent some time in a café knitting and comparing our hauls before heading for lunch.

The highlight of the day was the We will rock you musical at the Hartwall Areena. I was accompanied by Angelique, Virpi and an extra member. 
 Oh my abs are sore from all the laughing... I blame you my dear friends!
A futuristic story with Queen´s music cleverly embedded into the storyline. What a pleasure it was to hear talented singers without any embarrassing accents! And that British wit in all the puns and inside jokes. And there were PLENTY! Too bad most of the audience didn´t get them at all, but I kept laughing my ass off.

Oh this was so much better than that embarrassingly awful SMGO musical we saw at the late Musical theatre Koitto back in February 2012! 

In the words of my favourite Doctor: BRILLIANT! All that was missing was my guitar hero Brian May playing his Red Special on stage. Now THAT would´ve made my day!

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Angelique71 kirjoitti...

It is always a pleasure to hear you laugh ;-).

KristiinaS kirjoitti...

Ou jee, you have had a very nice day and evening.

Virpi kirjoitti...